Why You Don’t See Us At Industry Awards

We consider this increasingly common breach of security both irresponsible and unethical. We are mindful that disclosing the details of a strategy or the commercial success of a campaign for the purpose of acquiring new clients has a number of detrimental affects.

  1. Bragging dilutes any competitive edge held by the leader once their strategy is disclosed
  2. Bragging reveals value within a niche or market, increasing competition and reducing profitability
  3. Bragging enables competitors to enter a market having been shown the most effective approach and method.
  4. Bragging results in presentations depicting business cases which ensure adequate budget allocation is attributed to a new competitor such that they are able to displace the front runner more cost effectively.
  5. With the exception of a few delightful people, who I respect dearly, the SEO industry mostly comprises of arse-holes, wannabes and blaggers.

With no barrier to entry. No requirement for formal qualifications. No committee or government appointed regulatory body or industry ombudsman. It it entirely understandable why SEO conferences appear to be have more arse holes and scam-artist per square meter than anywhere else on earth, with perhaps the exception of a banking convention, an industry we refuse to supply on ethical and social responsibility reasons.