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Experienced in applying teaching resources online.

At FreshInc we have built a number of bespoke online learning platforms, not just for educational establishments such as schools and colleges, but for web-based education such as e-learning websites.

Education and e-learning sites are one of our core specialisms and we can create interactive, intuitive online education websites that will help you develop either an additional revenue stream to your business by offering online courses or being able to create certification programmes for your industry or organisation.

All year-round training.

Having an online learning solution means you can have scalable model that allows you to offer training all year round at scale – so it doesn’t matter if there is one student or a thousand – without an additional cost in overhead of booking venues or hiring teachers etc.

We can help you break down your course into bite sized chunks and also suggest the best way to deliver the course content, be it written text, video, audio or some combination of all of them.

We can also provide elements that allow users to share their course success by posting their scores or award badges on their social media profiles which provides you with brand reach and also free marketing exposure.

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If you have an Education / e-learning project you would like us to help with, or if you would like to discuss the feasibility of such a project, then please contact us below.

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Education & Online Learning

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