Crowdfunding and P2P

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Crowdfunding and P2P (peer to peer) platforms can cover a wide range of models – for example, customer lending, property investment, business funding and even charitable platforms.

At FreshInc we can build you a fully branded, fully functional P2P / crowdfunding website in conjunction with Whitelabel Crowd Funding, which means less costs and a platform that is guaranteed to work effectively. We have extensive experience building P2P websites and can deliver you a fully branded solution - whether that is to develop a new brand or to retain your existing brand.

Below is an example of one of our P2P / Crowdfunding design projects that showcases our extensive skills.

White Label Crowd Funding –

White Label Crowd Funding is a P2P lender that connects businesses with investors. The site has currently allowed companies to borrow £10m worth of investor funding.

White Label Crowd Funding was a company that needed a sophisticated yet fresh design to attract both investors who wished to lend their money to get a better return and, creditworthy business borrowers. We worked with them to create a beautiful looking website that performs fast and effectively. We had three main types of customer interactions and journeys (Investors / Borrowers / Introducers) we had plan for, which have been integrated into the same design.

We spent a lot of time making sure that both the way the users navigated their way around the site and the overall user experience was quick and easy to use.

The end result is a stunning, innovative platform.

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Crowdfunding and P2P

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